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Preventive Dental Care for Children in and around Waco, TX

Preventive care is important to any practice, and Waco Kids Dental is no different. We don’t want to just treat common dental problems; we want to prevent them from forming in the first place. Preventing problems like cavities from can mean making fewer changes to your little one’s natural smile, which carries some benefits later in life.    

The best way to help our young patients prevent common dental problems is with routine dental cleanings. We recommend that all our young patients visit our hygienist every six months for a total of two visits per year. During your little one’s cleaning, we’ll use our modern tools to carefully and comfortably remove any leftover particles of food from around his or her teeth and gums. This process also allows us to remove bacteria and plaque. The accumulation of bacteria around teeth can lead to the formation of cavities, while plaque buildup can result in gum disease. Keeping teeth clean of both is vital to helping patients (no matter what age) enjoy better health and wellbeing.

Your child’s checkup will also include a comprehensive oral exam by Dr.  Tjel Olson, Dr. Alex Piedra, Dr. Todd Bushman, Dr. Savitha Yannam or Dr. Colleen Segall. During the exam, your child’s doctor will carefully consider the condition of each tooth while simultaneously looking for any of the most common dental problems. We may also take X-rays of your child’s smile to ensure an even more accurate diagnosis. A visual exam alone can only tell us so much about your son or daughter’s oral health. But with the images we can capture using our office’s X-ray machine,  Dr.  Tjel Olson, Dr. Alex Piedra, Dr. Todd Bushman, Dr. Savitha Yannam or Dr. Colleen Segall can have a fuller idea of how their smile is doing.

At the end of your little one’s appointment, we’ll share the results with you. If your child doesn’t need any other treatment, we won’t need to see him or her for another six months. If additional care is necessary, though, we’ll discuss all your child’s treatment options with you and answer any questions you might have. We can also offer your child tips for better brushing and flossing at home. We want to help your little one develop healthy habits early so he or she can enjoy better oral health throughout every stage of life.

Dental Sealants

To help our young patients prevent cavities from forming, we’re happy to offer dental sealants. With this popular service, we can physically protect their smiles by painting a special liquid over the chewing surfaces of his or her teeth. This liquid hardens into a thin, plastic coating that shields vulnerable parts of your child’s smile from harmful bacteria. Treatment with dental sealants only takes a few minutes to complete but can provide years of protection.

Toothpaste and Mouthwashes

To help your child understand the importance of developing a good homecare routine, we’re happy to provide him or her with toothpaste and mouthwash. Brushing twice daily is essential for keeping teeth clean and healthy, while rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash will prevent harmful plaque from causing gum disease. We can also provide your little one with floss, for added protection against both tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our Waco dental office doesn’t rely on amalgam fillings to treat cavities. Instead, we use a more conservative and more discreet solution known as composite fillings, or tooth-colored fillings. With tooth-colored fillings, we can treat decay without drawing attention to your child’s treatment. That’s because tooth-colored fillings are shaded to match the appearance of natural enamel. When your little one’s treatment is complete, no one will be able to tell that he or she had one or more fillings placed.

Custom-Made Sportsguards

Does your child play a sport? Our Waco dental office provides custom-made sportsguards to protect young smiles.

Are you ready to schedule your child’s next appointment? Call Waco Kids Dental today. We offer comprehensive pediatric dentistry for patients from Waco, Hewitt, Lorena, Woodway, McGregor, and all surrounding areas.