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How is the Clinic cleaned?

Restrooms, high-traffic areas, and hands-on entertainment including touch screens are disinfected multiple times a day — morning, afternoon, and overnight. Staff also survey the entire clinic throughout the day to respond immediately to needs in between scheduled cleanings. The entire clinic undergoes a thorough cleaning every day. During operating hours, surfaces within the clinic are cleaned and sanitized hourly with a more rigorous cleaning after-hours. Our custodial staff uses a highly effective combination of nontoxic, environmentally friendly products that are broad-spectrum virucides, bactericides, tuberculocides, fungicides, and sanitizers.

To discourage the spread of germs, clinic staff and visitors have always been encouraged to wash hands frequently. For the convenience and safety of visitors and staff, the clinic is also equipped with mulitple hand sanitizer stations containing an alcohol-based formula that kills 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness.

The safety of guests, staff, and patients is a year-round priority . The facility and surrounding exterior are routinely cleaned and follow the standards set by the American Dental Association and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Clinic staff have also been trained and educated about the CDC’s guidelines and recommendations for preventive actions to help inhibit spreading diseases.